The Yongnuo YNE3-RX

View the photos from this post on Flickr. I just ordered a nice 1′ x 3′ Profoto strip softbox and want to put two speedlites in it for the upcoming anime convention Sakura-Con in Seattle, WA. The problem is I use two light modifiers and I have have two Yongnuo YN600EX-RT and one Canon 430EX II speedlites. How do […]

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Vintage Canon Serenar Lenses

In the 1990’s my Dad was given some old camera equipment by a relative. At the time my father didn’t think much about it as it was an old camera bag with a rangefinder camera, some m39 mount lenses, and accessories. He wasn’t much interested in the camera, as he had more modern equivalents, and the […]

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Vintage Tamron Lens Catalogues

My dad had a Tamron 90mm macro lens lying in an old camera bag for 25 years. He got it from a friend and the poor lens was a jumble of parts, still connected, but completely unusable. Apparently it had become unscrewed, helicoid and all, and was left to live a lonely life inside a […]

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