Vintage Tamron Lens Catalogues

My dad had a Tamron 90mm macro lens lying in an old camera bag for 25 years. He got it from a friend and the poor lens was a jumble of parts, still connected, but completely unusable. Apparently it had become unscrewed, helicoid and all, and was left to live a lonely life inside a bag. As I have recently begun doing some cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting (CLA) on old manual focus lenses, I thought I would take a stab at it. Perhaps I could breathe new life into this Tamron SP 90mm f/2.5 (52B).
I’ll get more into that story when I have the time. Long story short, I got it working and it’s awesome. So for now, enjoy these Tamron lens catalogues from the 1990’s. I just scanned a couple of them from a collection my dad has.
Download the full resolution versions:
Tamron Lens Catalogue 1995 (42 MB)
Tamron Lens Catalogue 1997 (51 MB)
Tamron Lens Catalogue 1999 (57 MB)

Note: The full resolution pdfs don’t open well in Google Docs. Download them or use a third party pdf viewer instead.
I just noticed that the 1995 catalogue has an error in it. It shows the 70-210 19AH lens as 70-300. Go figure.

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