Why I do this…

I’ve sorta dedicated this blog to camera and photography equipment. I grew up in a house with two avid photographers and knew that eventually I’d get more into photography than just the point and shoot cameras I’ve always used. I have a bit of GAS – gear acquisition syndrome. Bits of camera equipment are like toys to me. I have fun playing with them and sharing the resulting photos.

Specialty and old manual focus lenses have caught my attention. There’s something about the unique characteristics and operation of these lenses that pique my interest. Anyone can take a picture using a modern autofocus lens. Manual focus lenses make you pause and think about what settings ought to be used and exactly what will be in focus, or out of focus. The type of lens coatings, element configuration, and other properties make old lenses and the photos they take more interesting to me.

I’m slowly building articles around these things I find so interesting. Take a look and check back as I am actively adding articles.


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