Review: LEE Filters SW150 Field Pouch for 150 x 170 mm Filters

If you use 150mm x 150mm filters like I do you’ve probably asked yourself why no one makes a bag to hold multiple filters. I looked all through B&H and Amazon and couldn’t find one specifically made for these large filters.
LEE Filters recently made updates to their SW150 series. New filters, holders, and a pouch. All of these are welcome additions to their fantastic product lineup.

IMG_7209 IMG_7225
LEE Filters SW150 Field Pouch Packaging.
It takes a company like LEE, who focus solely on filters, to make a product like this. Everything about it’s features are meant to make using large filters easier. The pouch has ten slots, which is generous compared to most other pouches, even other LEE pouches. They have an accordion-style construction, allowing the slots to expand and contract for easy insertion and removal of filters. The sides have zippers to really open things up.
IMG_7215 IMG_7217 IMG_7222
Ten filter slots. Zippered sides. Expandable sides.
The outside material is a soft and supple canvas. It should help keep dirt, leaves, pine needles, etc from sticking, and I bet the whole thing can be machine washed (line dry). The top flap has a simple velcro catch, with another catch to keep it out of the way when opened.
IMG_7221 IMG_7223
An additional velcro catch holds

the flap out of the way.

Accordion-style pouches expand

for easier access to filters.

The pouch comes with two straps: one shoulder strap and one tripod strap. Again, this is LEE thinking like a photographer. The straps connect to the backside of the pouch where they won’t interfere with the top flap. The shoulder strap is adjustable, but the tripod strap isn’t.
IMG_7213 IMG_7231 IMG_7230
A shoulder strap and tripod

strap are included.

The tripod strap is not adjustable. With the side zippers

opened up it hangs low.

The back side has the strap connectors and a belt loop. My belt loop was sewn a little off-center, but that shouldn’t affect anything and I don’t see myself using it any way.
IMG_7219 IMG_7220
The back side. Belt loop snap.
150mm x 150mm filters sit just a little below the top of the slots, while 150mm x 170mm filters come right up to the top. The slot material is a very soft polyester type material that I can’t see scratching anything, yet is durable and stiff enough to allow filters to easily slide in and out.

The price is about right at USD $60. I spent around $40 making a custom one myself. This one is nicer, more compact, and more protective. Kudos LEE Filters!

3 thoughts on “Review: LEE Filters SW150 Field Pouch for 150 x 170 mm Filters

  1. I was “very” excited when I first saw this bag. Then, I had to look – not twice, but three times to believe my eyes. They actually FILLED the entire thing with filter slots instead of leaving just a little room for the filter holder. Talk about mother of all bone-head moves!!! Oh well, back to the drawing board.


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