Canon Serenar 50mm f/1.9 Lens Clean, Lubricate, Adjust (CLA)

Canon Serenar 50mm f/1.9 clean, lubricate and adjust

Here’s a rather thorough walk-through of the disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly of a circa 1950 Canon Serenar 50mm f/1.9 lens. You can read about its history in another post.
(follow the images left to right, top to bottom)


3 thoughts on “Canon Serenar 50mm f/1.9 Lens Clean, Lubricate, Adjust (CLA)

  1. Your blog is exactly what I was looking for. I have a quite perfect Canon IV (kinda rare) from KEH – they said Excellent and they weren’t kidding..Never seen a screw mount finder as good as this one on ANY camera by any maker ! Canon IV body came without lens of which I have plenty but wanted to use a 5cm 1.9 serenar like the one you have here. Problem : focus completely stuck.

    So question. I only want to clear up the focus issue. Just do the first few steps and be done with it ?
    thx mike


    1. Hi Mike,

      You don’t have to disassemble everything like I did. Remove the three screws holding the depth of field indicator ring/helicoid/m39 thread mount. Then skip a bunch of steps and just go after the knurled focus ring. I think you can unscrew it and clean out that section without removing other parts.

      If you’re going into that section and end up having to disassemble more, then I’d just clean up everything. The aperture will probably work a lot better. Once I cleaned mine it moved very nicely, with only a light touch. Just be careful with all those tiny screws. Keep them next to their associated parts or label them.


      1. Thanks ! Will give it a try. Actually I have other ‘perfect’ serenar 5cm lenses incl a 5cm /f2 but the one that isn’t quite right gets the attention. mike


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